Quarried natural stone by nature have conditions that cannot be controlled, i.e. Color, size, veining, fissures, & thickness, etc. As a consumer you may not understand some of the conditions inherent in natural stone. Due to this situation, we must have a signed disclaimer attached to all selections requesting all natural stone products to avoid future problems or misunderstandings. Granite, marble, limestone, travertine & any quarried products offered have been cut from carefully selected stone blocks produced by Mother Earth. As a natural stone product, please understand that some stone may contain naturally occurring imperfections, which are characteristic to the stone. These characteristics will include color and shade variations, geological flaws, irregular markings, voids, veins, fissures, cracks, lines and/or minor separations. It is a standard practice by the manufacturer to repair these separations by one or more of the following methods: waxing, filling, or reinforcements with non-stone products. All of these variations and characteristics are common and present to some degree. However, part of the beauty of having natural stone is the characteristics, which will not impair the function or wearing of the materials. When the natural stone or quartz product is installed, the various sections will be joined together with seams. Seams are small but visible, and typically filled with a color-coordinated polyester adhesive to minimize their appearance. The location and quantity of seams are determined by the fabricator accounting for slab sizes, sink and cook top cutouts, project design and jobsite access. A typical job will have multiple seams. They are commonly located in the center of cutouts like sinks and cooktops, at inside corners running the depth of the countertop, and in backsplashes at any height or elevation change. If the appearances of seams are a concern, please ask to see a sample of a typical seam. No stone product will be purchased or installed without a signed disclaimer from the homeowner, accompanied by the appropriate color selection.

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Natural Stone Countertops